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Let’s Discover Our Core Service

Healthcare Information System

We provide a unified healthcare information system for managing and organizing health-related data fostering electronic medical record and electronic health record concepts. It involves the collection, storage, retrieval, and analysis of health data to support healthcare delivery, decision-making and patient satisfaction.

Healthcare Providers Support

We support healthcare providers with innovative clinic management solutions that help them to perform with efficiency and increase productivity including online patient reservation and telemedicine portals.

Pharmaceutical B2B e-commerce

We offer pharmaceutical companies an innovative SaaS and e-commerce solution for managing and executing the goods or products from the company's facilities of distribution stores to pharmacies ensuring delivery to the right place, at the right time, and in the right condition. This process involves various activities including order picking, shipping, delivery, and payment cycle management.

Corporates Operation Excellence

We provide healthcare and pharmaceutical corporations with an industry tailored enterprise resource planning software that allows companies to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and make data driven decisions by integrating and synchronizing data from different areas of organization into a single & unified system

Sales Effectiveness

We support pharmaceutical companies with customer relationship management software that provides a centralized database where company can store customer information, track sales team interactions, manage sales and marketing activities, and generate reports that aid in decision making

Customized Services

We have a business unit that support customized and tailored services for HCPs and HCOs to grow their businesses through designing and development of apps, marketplaces, websites, and all other customized digital services upon request

About Rubikans

Welcome to Rubikans, where innovation meets healthcare excellence. As a tech company, we're committed to filling critical gaps in the healthcare ecosystem using advanced digital solutions.

We provide pioneering software applications to empower Healthcare providers, patients, and all stakeholders ensuring enduring value to society and people's lives. We excel in medical and pharmaceutical fields equipped with our diversified and strong experiences to be at the forefront of technological advancements

VisionShaping the future of the healthcare ecosystem and setting new standards for innovation, efficiency, and patient-centricity to achieve unprecedented excellence.

Mission: Transforming the healthcare landscape through customized digital solutions that optimize workflows, elevate the quality of care, and exceed performance benchmarks.


Our Core Values

Let’s Discover Our Most Values


Our philosophy is derived from the Rubik cube which includes several colors, pieces, and facets, that need smart and organized manner to get solved

Rising Together

Fostering an environment of unity and shared goals, empowering team members to make meaningful impact.


Our commitment to customer satisfaction drives our actions to exceed expectations and deliver the highest quality.

Being Real

We cultivate a transparency, respect, and openness culture, enabling us to work together efficiently towards shared goals.


Our diversified team embrace evoking of highly innovative solutions for our operations and adding unique customer value.

Keeping Agile

We embody the spirit of adaptability, inspections, and iteration as pillars for our team and working environment.

Rubikans Team

Our Expert Team Member

Dr. Shady ElZaher

Executive Board Member

Dr.Ahmed Farag

General Manager

Dr. Tarek Samir

Operation Manager

Eng. Alaa Ramadan

Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Amr Adel

Commercial Manager

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